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    Dear All,
    13 October 2018, GT, Qatar – Centre QA001
    Speaking session was held on the 12th October
    Part 1
    Do you work / Study – Answer Was “Working”
    Do you think you enjoy your job and why?
    Holiday you recently had and what do you think of it ?
    Three Questions but the answer to the above was very long in explanation
    Part 2
    Describe a recent holiday you had by using public transportation
    Where to?
    Why did you use the public transportation
    Was it a good experience travelling to your destination by public transport ?
    How did you feel about the trip which you had?
    Part 3
    What are the advantages and disadvantage of public transport ? (generic)
    Do you think that people in many developed countries use public transport ?(specific)
    Do you think public transportation should be encouraged / promoted (generic)
    Well, the number of questions were very less and the examiner let me continue developing my answer and the session went very smoothly
    This is not my first attempt and I got the same examiner who gave me 8 in the previous test. I know clearly that previous assessment and bands are not inked and the band score is given based on performance in each test and the previous impression and assessment may not influence the current band score, which is the standard of the IELTS exam.
    Recent listening tests over the last few months included topic relating to New Zealand
    This time comparatively the section 1 and 4 were just a piece of cake, to more honest, 4th section was super easy
    Section 1
    Topics were about an ancient school which has been renovated to look how exactly it
    looked in the past
    Section 2
    This is mostly based on Company Dress code, holiday and risk assessments for employees – specifically dress code and, how when and where to use casual and formal clothes
    Section 3
    Quite hard but it was about Daniel Tammet’s special skills relating to calculation and linguistic skills and introduction of new language – called Manti (Look for details in Wikipedia) – might get some idea about the answers you have given in the Test (Daniel Tammet)
    Current apartment needs some improvements to it and write a letter to the landlord and in the letter;
    Explain why you are not happy about the current condition
    Explain what improvement you want in the apartment
    Explain why it is good to do some improvements
    TASK 2
    Today, many people want to get married and have children in their thirties than when they are younger.
    Is it a positive or negative development ?
    (In my essay , I selected two ideas for two bodies after accepting it to be a positive approach – one being the benefits to the individuals and the other being the society
    This is clearly a opinion essay – ????
    so my question is, in this form of question, I addressed two positive outcome for different parts (citizens and society) – Is this alright ?
    Also my concern is that – in my conclusion, I just missed the specific word “in my opinion” instead I wrote – ” In conclusion, it is true…… this trend has clearly benefited both people and the society as a whole.
    Answer t this will be really appreciated as I am in serious confusion
    Overall – the test was Super! – Anything is impossible until one starts doing it – So Practice is the key that will make anybody confident in the test.
    Good luck to those who sat for the exam today !!!

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