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    Hi Everyone,
    I’d like to share the questions that came up in my exam YESTERDAY on 13th December in Riyadh, KSA
    Writing Task 1:
    Two maps show how a university campus looked 10 years ago and how it looks now.
    (Key changes: Business school building expanded, trees cut off, 3 new student flats buildings built, new cafe)
    The business school was in the west and trees were cut off east to it. The new student flats buildings were in the east and replaced old trees. New cafe was in the south east.
    Writing Task 2:
    In some countries, young people are not only richer, but also safer and healthier than ever before. However, they are less happy.
    What do you think the reasons are for this?
    What can be done?
    Listening was very easy, reading passages were quite long and complex.
    1- Do you work or study? Where do you go to school? Why did choose this school? Did you enjoy your first day? Are you always on time? How would you feel if someone left you waiting? In your culture, is it okay to be late? Why? (more questions about being on time).
    2- Describe a building that you like. What it’s used for, etc.
    3- Discussion about buildings and their outside and inside design. (I read this question and part 2 question the day before the exam in an IELTS book).
    I really missed up in the task 2 writing and didn’t have time to write a conclusion. Please do not fall in this mistake like me and manage your time properly.
    Thanks (:

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