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    I had my speaking test today at BC Riyadh KSA.
    part 1
    -What is your name
    -What can I call you
    -Where did you live in ur home country
    -Did u live with family or alone
    -What activity did u do with older family member
    -Did you enjoy these activity
    -What do u do during ur spare time
    -Do u like spending it alone or with family/friends
    -Do u see yourself as an outgoing person
    part 2
    Cue card
    – What are the science subjects you did in secondary school
    -How you enjoyed studying the subject(s)
    -Is your teacher(s) good in the subject(s)
    -What part of the subject(s) did you enjoy the most
    part 3
    Follow up questions:
    -What role do scientific research play in our society
    -How has scientific research benefited our society
    – Should govt. regulate scientific research
    -Do you think research is a good or bad thing
    -How can scientist stop global warming
    -What are the negative effect of global warming

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