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    Part – 1
    what your name ?
    what i can call you?
    Home Town
    where is your home town?
    why you like your home town?
    Eating Habits
    how many times you eat in a day?
    with whom you enjoy eating?
    do you have any chance to travel on boat? why you like that?
    you want to spend holiday on boat?
    People in your country use boat as a method to travel?
    Part 2
    Describe a personality out of your country you like and met?
    who is the personality?
    where did you meet?
    what is interesting in that personality?
    Part 3
    do you have the chance to meet people across the world?
    how important it is to know about the country before you visit any country?
    how important it is to know about people and culture before you visit any country?
    is it important to make friends in the country you are planning to visit?
    how sports now a days is playing role to build relationship between countries/people?
    how cultural difference are stoping people to build relationships?

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