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    General / 07th July 2017 / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Section 1.
    What is your name?
    Are you studying or working?
    Why did you chose to work in this field?
    In future do you plan to continue the same job and why?
    What do you think about adverts now a days?
    What do you think about jewelry, what kind of jewelry do you like?
    Do you wear any or have you ever bought it for someone and what was it?
    Section 2.
    Let’s talk about cakes.
    What was the last occasion when you had cake?
    What kind of cakes do you like?
    Who was with you in that occasion?
    Section 3.
    Food now a days.
    Spending on food in your country.
    Families spending time together while eating.
    Trend of eating and food in future.
    That is all I can recall for now.

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