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    IELTS (Computer based) Riyadh – Saudi Arabia. (General)
    Writing Task 1:
    You have bought furniture from a store. When you received there were some damages. Write a letter to manager:
    1. Inform him about the furniture
    2. Explain the damage
    3. Ask the manager to do something
    Writing Task 2:
    Some people think that activities of free-time shall be planned while others disagree.
    Discuss both sides and include examples and relevant data from your own experience.
    Speaking Task:
    Your name?
    Where are you from?
    What do you do?
    Do you want to give some advise to your company?
    How much water do your drink daily?
    Do you drink bottled water or tap water?
    Is it hard to buy bottled water where you live?
    Did you ever find yourself in a thirsty situation without water?
    When and why?
    Part 2:
    Cue card:
    Talk about a family business?
    How it started? and how it’s going on?
    Do you find any future of such business?
    Part 3:
    What about companies investing in Underdeveloped countries?
    Positives and negatives?
    Positives of Family business?
    Negatives of family business?
    What are the effects on a country if it’s imports are more than exports?
    What are the benefits to a company if it expands to a foreign country?
    What are it’s drawbacks?
    What will the effects on business if there are some issues between 2 countries?

    Examiner continued asking questions without any pause. He never let me complete the answers and came up with a new question. Although i never stopped speaking until he came up with a new question.
    Moreover, the questions were from a book he was keeping with him. It was much different from the mock tests i had seen on youtube.
    Shall i be feared from the results??

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