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    Hello! I took the test on 13th Jan.

    – 1: myself, what do I do, do I like my job, perfume, do I wear perfume, had I gave to someone a perfume as a gift and why / do I think weather can influence the quality of my work and why
    – 2 cue card: a singer or band that I like and why / how did I learn about that / what genre or music / where do I use to hear / do I hear with my friends
    – 3 : do I think music should be a subject of study for children / why

    Academic 1: a table with percentage of women in parliament and managers in 5 countries in 2000 —> honestly, there was no trend to describe… no useful information, I am really disappointed
    Writing 2: Some people believe that charity organisations should help people wherever they live, others think they should attend their countries only. Discuss both and give your oppinion.
    I am really disappointed because even though I have studied hardly, I need a high score and I think my speaking was super difficult and the examiner interrupted me all the time, besides she had a terrible english and I had to ask many times what did she said… the writing 1 was also no sense… what did they mean by “managers”? 5 countries and absolute no relationship among them

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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