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    I had my academic IELTS (paper) test today 2 July 2020. Below is based on what I can remember:

    task 1: table chart- number of spectators in four types of sport match in Australia in three different years.
    task 2: Young people now spend far too much time and money on following fashion trends (such as clothes and technology). To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    part 1: work/study; view; running
    part 2: a time when you faced a difficult challenge
    part 3: challenge in sports- individual/team sports; extreme sports….

    1 an Indian cotton-planting village transformed to use natural pesticides and fertiliser from overly using chemical pesticides, (the plant they used is called neem)
    2 study of animals/insects to support the continent drift
    3 the downside of jellyfish proliferation

    1 movie club
    2 car sale (multiple choice+map)
    3 two people discussing their course about online education (multiple choice+matching)
    4 a study about a farm and its environment

    I think the writing task 2 is very tricky, and I probably had it off-topic. Do you mind explaining the way to develop the argument when the question asks if you agree with an idea of “far too much”?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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