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    IELTS General
    28 October 2017 Russia
    Your full name
    Do you work or study
    Where do you work
    Did you get special training for your job
    Did you like to study in secondary school
    What was your favourite subject
    How did you feel at your first day in secondary school
    Is it important to be punctual
    Tell about a tourist place which is NOT popular among tourists in your country. Why isn’t popular? Why did you like it?
    How tourists can damage environment when they visit some tourist places, how government can protect these places, what do you think about space tourism, why people travel to unknown places
    Write a letter to your friend and recommend a hotel. How did you know about this hotel. Why did you like it? How your friend can get more information about it?
    Some people believe that students should spend at least one year without study between school and university. Do you agree or disagree?

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