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    I took the General Training test in San Francisco on 28th July. Thanks for your tips and strategies.
    True/False/Not Given based on NewZealand Driving License details
    Matching the paragraph and the crux of the paragraph
    Railways Lines of Britain
    Complete the flowchart
    Asking for a Pay raise
    Section -4
    Match the paragraph and some complete the sentence
    About an underground archaeologist

    Conversation between a cottage owner and a customer
    Conversation between a student and a professor about a project
    Map layout of a race event and some questions
    Textile industry of the Australian aboriginal

    Writing Task 1
    Write a letter complaining about the dirty roads and garbage in your street
    1. it’s effect and problem
    2. the main causes
    3. suggestions

    Writing Task 2
    In the world of internet, people write about a product’s reviews and opinions about a service.
    Is it a good thing or bad thing.

    1. Do you work/study?
    2. What is your job?
    3. Whats are the apps used in your country?
    4. Is there any app you like to install?
    5. How many hours of sleep is required?
    6. Do you think older people need more hours of sleep?
    7. On which part of the day do you work the best?
    Part 2
    Describe a season that you like and its related questions?
    Part 3
    How you work get disrupted by summer and winter seasons?
    How do seasons benefit certain occupation?
    How do seasons affect a certain community?

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