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    Took the test today, sao paulo – general training
    Task 1
    Questions about meal time, if I ever changed my diet, if I like to eat out and whth whom…
    Part II
    Talk about a place in your country that is not popular with tourist, say where is the place, why it is not popular and why you think it ahould be popular
    Part III
    Some questions about turism, popular places in your country, why they are popular, what makes a place popular with tourists and so on.
    Ps. All of those questiona were already on this forum!!! Great help to go trough all of the comments!
    1 – write a letter to your manager explaining why you were late for work for several days
    – say you are sorry
    – explain the situation with transportation
    – give suggestions of how you intend to fix it
    2 – Some people thinks that dangerous sports should be banned. Do you agree of desagree with this statement?
    Listening – there was a part with a strong australian accent, if you are not used it could be hard. Another part it was a discussion of 2 students talking about the classes they are planning on enrolling next semester – listen to the whole audio before answering, most questions were tricky. One of the guys said one thing at fist (some might think this is the answer) than the other corrected! This happened many times during the listening test.
    Reading – pretty easy! 4 texts
    1 about 5 different houses than you had to match each house with a description, all the descriptions were synonyms and paraphrasing from the fist text
    2 an airline instruction form, explaining the lenguage test their employees need to take, true of false questions. Ps. there was one tricky question, on the text it said you needed a private tutor, on the question it sad private tuition, which makes it false, Many people got this one wrong bc they didnt pay attention at this detail.
    3 one very long text about procrastination (2 pages) match each paragraph with the main topic give, and many other questions about this text, again all of them using a lot os synonyms.
    4 simple text about australian visa and questions of what the text sad, like which visa needed payment, who didnt need visa, how long one could work with a visa… again all synonyms and paraphrasing so it is not that obvious!
    Hope this helps someone, the comments people left here for sure helped me on the speaking, since I had already listened and studied all of the questions they made!

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