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    Academic IELTS – Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina )
    speaking exam: 13th January
    Part 1: full name
    where do you live and how far is that place from here? since when have you lived there?
    tell me something more about the place you grew up? neighbourhood?
    how often you listen to music ? do you prefer to download music or buy CDs?
    will music change in future? did you listen to music more when you were younger?
    dictionaries? would you write a dictionary? what do we need to do to write a dictionary? is dictionary a good present and way?
    part 2 – talk about a good service for shop or company you recieved?
    when was that? from whom and why did you like it?
    part 3- almost everything about service and business
    is it easier to sell product face to face or by the phone?
    is service better in expensive shops? qualities of the person who work as a seller ?
    why is hard to deal with certain people? and more questions about this topic
    it was hard and confusing because I am not so familiar with this topic..
    I hope I will do better with reading, speaking and writing on saturday

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