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    I have given my general trading IELTS on 5th Jan 2019 in Saudi Arabia.
    Listening section:
    1. Client information
    2. The summer fair
    3. Relationship of music and maths
    4. Abvaral turtle
    Reading section
    1. Holiday booking
    2. Snowy winter
    3. Penril scholarship
    4. Ancient clock
    Writing section
    Part one
    You have recently stayed in a hotel and after returning back you realize that you have left a piece of cloth at your hotel room
    Write a letter to manager of hotel
    1. Explain the clothing
    2. Where you left it
    3. What manager should do after finding it
    Task 2
    Some people encourage young children to leave their parents house as soon as they become adults while other say children should stay at their parents house as long as possible.
    Discuss both the views and give your opinion
    Speaking test
    Part 1
    1. What is your name
    2. Where do you live
    3. How often do you get bored
    4. What activity do you do when you are bored
    5. Are you bored now more as compared to when you were young
    6. Do people in your country live mostly in urban area
    7. Where do you prefer to live
    8. Which city place have you visited recently
    9. Which city you want to visit in future
    10.What should parents do otherthan internet surfing to make their children active
    11. Do you live in a house or apartment
    12. Which is your favorite room
    13. Will you plan to relocate soon
    Part 2
    Cue card
    Describe a website you use frequently
    Q. What is website about
    Q. Why you use it
    Q. Who told you about website
    Explain why it is important for you
    Joining question
    Do people in your country also use this website
    Part 3
    1. What internet sites your country people use for entertainment
    2. Why more news in published on social media site
    3. Can we do something to stop wrong news to publish on websites? If yes how
    4. Should government ban on excessive use of internet in their countries? If yes what sites should be banned
    5. Do you think children’s are less creative now then they use to be in past? Do to advent of internet

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