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    Hi Guys,
    I just would like to share with you my whole IELTS Journey. At first, I didn’t took this exam seriously because all I know, its just a basic exam testing my English proficiency. since I am working overseas (KSA) and we use English language here, then I don’t have anything to worry. I took my IELTS UKVI exam last March. I got R-6.5, L-7.5, W-6, S-7. I am so devastated. I felt so dumb for not passing the exam. then my friend refer me to this site. I scanned the site but then, I didn’t took it seriously and after a week, I’ve decided to take exam again. Yes, I failed again. results: L-7.5, R-7, W-6, S-7. After my second attempt, I contemplated and asked myself what went wrong. so I focused in writing and read all tutorials here religiously. Being consistent 6 in writing is heart breaking. So I practiced a lot in writing task 1 (specifically) and just understand the pattern for Task 2. after 2 weeks, I took the exam and I got the following results: L-8.5, R-7, W-6, S-7) Yes, I failed again in writing because required is atleast 6.5. From then, I really don’t know now what to do. I am so heartbroken and honestly, I gave up. But my friend inspired and encouraged me to apply for re-mark. I know I did good in writing that time (thou I’m not 100% sure), so yes, I gamble and applied for remark. after 20 day, I got the result and my Final score now is: L-8.5,R-7, W-6.5,S-7). I am so happy because finally, I made it.
    to IELTS takers, my piece of advise id not to memorize anything here. just study the pattern and use it. BE CONFIDENT and if you fail, you can be sad for awhile but after that, flip your hair and retake the exam. its not how many times you took the exam, the most important thing here is how you stood up and continue fighting for your dreams. goodluck to all!

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