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    Hi everybody striving to ace the IELTS exam,
    *TLDR? Jump down two paragraphs of gratefulness and advice to get to the spicy details of the test*

    I gave my computer delivered academic IELTS test today. I’m satisfied with it. I did mess up a bit in the reading portion by taking a bit of unnecessary stress so i’d advise every one of you hard/smart workers to *keep your calm and manage your time*. (Note: Some of the questions may be paraphrased according to my understanding and recollection)

    – Section 1: Information for wildlife tours and a Poppy Flower Resort (social conversation)
    – Section 2: Local politician’s speech on development work in the area (monologue)
    – Section 3: Discussion between a student and her teacher regarding her family history project (Technical conversation)
    – Section 4: Lecture on the Puffin species (monologue)

    – Passage 1: Wool Production History
    – Passage 2: Reduction in small mammals in north Australia due to fires
    – Passage 3: Scientific Society Report problems

    – Writing Task 1: Bar chart on the world’s top 3 producers of 4 types of dairy products in the year 2012.
    – Writing Task 2: Some people believe online reading materials should only be used for a child to learn to read whereas others believe only printed material should be used. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    -Part 1:
    _Work & Study_ ?
    Do you work or study ?
    What’s the best part of studying ?
    Do you like to study in the morning or the afternoon?
    _Arts_ ?
    Were you taught art as a child in school ?
    Have you ever been to an art gallery ?
    Do you like putting paintings on your wall ?
    Do you think of being an artist _Laughter_ ?
    Do you watch anything that makes you laugh ?
    A recent event that made you laugh ?
    Do you think you and your friends should laugh at the same thing ?
    Do you think you can make a person laugh?

    -Part 2
    (2 min uninterrupted talk): ?
    What kind of job would you NOT do Follow up: ?
    Do you know anyone that does a job like that

    -Part 3: (The situation of jobs amongst our youth and its impact on people) ?
    What jobs do our youth want to do ?
    Do you think for job, earning money is important or whether it’s interesting ?
    Are there people who do a job which earns money but it’s not interesting ?
    Do you think hardwork is something a person has from the start ?
    Can a person become hardworking ?
    What are the psychological effects of jobs ?
    What causes people to work better at their jobs

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