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    I had my Speaking test today ie 12 Oct 18.
    It was through British Council and was in the venue: EIBFS Sharjah
    I’m posting the questions asked by the examiner as I remember:-
    Task 1.
    What is your full name
    Where do you live in a house or appartment
    What’s the best place you like in your home
    How likely are you willing to change your place
    Weather: How much does it rain in your place nowadays.
    Do you prefer to stay in dry or rainy weather . Why?
    Task 2
    Explain your last visit to street market.
    Why do people buy from there
    What did you buy
    How was your experience
    Task 3
    -Why people prefer to buy from Street markets
    -In your opinion what’s more important small shops in malls or bigger department stores in malls
    – Do people get influenced by gifts
    -Do you think there is social pressure on people to shop more and what they wear and brands
    -Dont you think when people its a disaster when people buy more and then throw – there will be anothet problem of waste management.

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