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    I just finished my Speaking module for IELTS General.
    Exam type: IELTS General
    Date: 10-11-2017
    City/Country: Sharjah, UAE
    Testing centre: IDP Dubai
    Venue: CEC (Continuing Education Centre)
    My examiner’s accent was a bit tricky to understand, I believe she’s from Auckland, New Zealand.
    Questions that I was asked:
    What do you do, do you work or study?
    Did you always want to do this?
    What do you like about your job?
    Do you get to spend a lot of time with teenagers?
    What do you think teenagers like to do these days?
    Why do think these days people would rather buy new things than repair old ones?
    Cue card:
    Tell me about something you had bought recently that made you happy (there were 3 points that I had to cover in my answer but I can’t remember them)
    When my time was over she asked me why I had decided to purchase this item?
    Do you think it’s always a good idea for consumers to have more choices?
    Do you think consumerism is going to increase?
    She had to stop me from talking in all of the questions so I guess that’s a big plus!

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