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    General module
    27 Feb 2018
    Iran, Shiraz
    1. What is your job?
    2. How do you travel to your job
    3.why did you choose this way of transportation? often do you have family gatherings? What do you do then? Has it changed ?
    5. Whats the difference of gathering at home or going out on holiday?
    Part 2 :
    Describe an interesting place in your country which is not touristic .
    Where? What is it? Why it is not popular? Why is it interesting for you?
    Part3 :
    1.Describe a touristic place in your country. you think touristic places should be free or not you think tourist should pay more than local people for the attractions?
    4. What is the difference of virtual tourism and a real travelling? Why.
    5. What do you think of space travelling? you think

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