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    I’ve just finished my speaking test.
    9 october. Shiraz,Iran
    what do you do?
    where do you study?
    why you choose x town?
    how was the first day of university?
    what make you bored?
    what do you do when you are bored?
    do you get bored more than when you was younger?
    do you like plant?
    do you know how look after them?
    did you have plant in the past?
    topic 2:cue card
    describe how diffrencecs the cell phone made in your life from the first time you bought it? when? who? explaine the diffrences it made.
    section3: how important is to have acell phone?
    do you think parents should by cell phone for their children from when?
    the drowback of cell phone?
    do you think how much is important to conect the cell phone to internet?
    and a question about app which I cannot remeber vividly.

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