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    Hi Everyone,
    I had my GT exam on 8th of July in Singapore.
    First of all, I must mention, these comments has helped me a lot for understanding the speaking questions and Writing topics. I would like to thank all the test takers for their posts. I would also like to share my post so that it can also be a part to help others who are appearing for IELTS exam in future.
    Speaking Task 1:
    * Where do you live in House or Apartment?
    * What type of house do you want in future?
    * What do you think about being polite?
    *Who was the first person to teach you about politeness?
    * How it can help you to being a polite?
    Speaking Part 2: Cue Card
    Had to Speak about cake
    * What type of cake that was?
    *what was the occasion and who was with you family or friends?
    * How did you felt about it?
    Actual question may bit different but it was same another way round.
    Speaking part 3:
    Most of the question about food
    *What type of foods people do prepare at different occasions?
    * What do you think about people eating food outside? Why ?
    *Do you think families eat should eat together?Is this possible nowadays?
    *Do people still cook food at home in your country?
    *Do you think there is any difference of preparing food on some other celebrations and religious occasions?
    Task 1:
    You and your colleagues want to use a company room for break-off times. write a letter to your manager using below points:
    * what will be the advantage of getting that room?
    * Suggest a room which will be better of this purpose.
    * What changes you wanted to request to your manager to be made?
    Task 2:
    Now a days increasing noise is becoming a problem?
    why this is a problem?
    what are the reason of this and how it can be solved?
    SORRY FOR MISTAKES It may not exactly the same. But, the meaning is almost same. Hope it will help.
    Good Luck To All!

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