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    I finished by exam today 28th July in Singapore – general kelts.
    Writing topic general
    Task 1- write a letter to your Friend living in other country to help you with the job opportunities in that country and details like hours salary etc.include in your letter – why you want to work there / your current skills and experience etc
    Task 2- on the educational success some believe Teachers have a important role to play and others think it’s the students attitude that matters. DIscuss both views and share your opinion.

    Listening – currently where do you live in this city and how far is it from here.
    Why do u think it’s a good place
    Do you think it’s a fun place to live
    Let’s talk about excercise ? Do u think you will do more excercise in you think young people in India do enough excercise.
    2- where would u like to live and work – mention why that place / how do you know about this place /what more details you know about this place.
    3- what is your opinion on standard of Living.what factors influence standard of living . Do you think crime or cleanliness affects the standard of living. Does our expectation on standard of living change as we grow old.

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