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    Ielts academic-June 2
    Task 1 pie charts
    Task 2 – international tourism is becoming a major industry. People think it causes only more tension than the anticipated understanding between different countries . ? Agree/disagree?
    Your full name?
    How can I call you?
    What do you do? Do u work or study?
    Why do u want to study this particular course ?
    Did your parents gave money when you were a child?
    Will u give money to a child ?
    How did your primary school teachers influence you?
    Cue card – your favourite song
    Why you like it ?
    When did you hear it ? Etc
    Questions related to music
    Why do you think music is important ?
    How important is music in your society ?
    Is it possible for everyone to learn music or is something that one is born with ? Why ?
    Why do you listen to music ? Etc
    That’s all I can remember . Pray for me . I hope so I will crack this exam with good grades .

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