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    I had my general test yesterday and today in British council Singapore . Finished all parts.
    Here are the questions:
    Writing task 1 …
    One festival is being celebrated every year in your town and town council has asked people to help for this year’s event. Write a letter to council’s head stating your interest. Must cover thsese points:
    Feed back about last year’s event
    What you can help with
    Some information about the festival.
    Task 2: Some people think that government should take care of disadvantaged people such as umemployed and home less people. Do you agree or disagree?
    Why you choose this job?
    Do you think trainings are important in job?
    Meals? which meal is important for you in a day and why?
    Has trends of shoping changed from past?
    Cur card: Describe a thing you recently bought and you are happy with it.
    Part3: do you like shopping?
    Why is shopping important?
    Why consumerism is changing ? why do people throw away faulty things rather than repairing them?
    It went very well. I will post my results soon.

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