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    I took IELTS (GT) exam recently. (29.06.2019)
    for speaking, the examiner asked me following questions
    Part1 – about work, what I do, do I enjoy my work, how is different than previous work, etc
    Part2 – a game/talent show I used to watch (*what it is, *how people were selected, *why I used to watch it, forgot the last point
    Part3 – which sports we used to play in childhood, what sports were played in the past and now (comparison), computer games are bad for children? why leisure time is important? and several other questions related to leisure, sports
    section 1 – about a trip, all fill in the blanks
    section 2 – bookstore map completion, factor matching about book characteristics and name
    section 3 – Multiple choices about an assignment topic, question answer
    section 4 – invention of a new language lecture note completion
    Total 5 passage
    first 4 passage was related to exhibitions, overtime information, workplace chair, computer etc arrangement to correct posture, another passage I forgot
    last passage about the science of shopping, information about supermarkets section arrangement and several researchers findings.
    Task 1: the letter was about a young person who will join my company next month for work experience. **tell him what work is done in the company **what he/she will do on the first day of work **what items/objects he/she needs to bring
    Task 2: some people think media (newspapers) should be allowed to publish personal information, others think that some rules/control should be applied about publishing personal information
    P.S: all the information is rough, not word by word but the essence is correct
    I hope it will help the people who will soon sit for ielts

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