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    Test date : 28/10/2017
    Venue : British council srilanka
    Listning : Existing structure has been slightly changed
    sec.1- parent vs school officer about the admission – 7 written answers no more
    than 3 words, 3 -Mcqs
    Sec2- 4-Mcqs about hostal ,3 question- Map of hostal block, 3- short answers
    Sec3- all are Mcqs-Discussion between 2 students about farming project
    Sec4 – short answer questions-Effect of color in different fields (Foot ball)
    Reading : sec1- History of Pearl -4-Matching headings , 5q’s-Filling the spaces from
    box, 4q’s-T,F,NG
    Sec2 – Climet change In Europe- Google search IELTS recent actual test
    First test of march edition -sec2 (Completly this paragraph can be found
    with all questions)
    Sec3 : Scientist and non scientist with their research (4q’s from Y,N,NG , 4-Mcqs
    and others from filling the space from the box)
    Writting Task1 : Two tables about potatoes production and consumptions about different
    regions in the world (5-continents)
    Task 2: More and more tasks at home and at work place are doing by robots.
    Do you think is it a postive development or a negative development ?

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