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    Hi All,
    Wanted to share the questions I remember from my test.
    Module: General Training
    Test Date: All sessions on July 29th
    Center: St Paul, Minnesota, USA
    Writing Task 1: Write a letter to construction company manager explaining the problems you are facing from the construction work going on near your apartment.
    1) Introduce yourself
    2) Explain the problems
    3) What action would you expect the manager to take.
    Writing Task 2: Some people think that quality of life depends on the free time an individual has than on the money. Which one do you think is important free time or more money to lead a quality life?
    What other things do you think will contribute to quality life?
    Tell me your full name.
    Where do you come from?
    Do you study or work?
    Did you have to work hard sometimes?
    What do you work on?
    What do you do after work?
    Which one do you think is better? Having one best friend or having many good friends?
    How do you spend time with your friends?
    Do you think you can make new friends?
    Cue Card: Explain about a building or house that you like.
    1) When and why did you visit?
    2) Explain the building
    3) Why do you like it?
    Do you think people in the house save energy?
    How can the buildings be constructed to better use the energy?
    Is it a healthy practice for young adults to live with parents?
    Do you think government should provide financial assistants for young adults who would like to buy a house?
    Thanks again!

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