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    Hey guys,
    here is what I still remember about today’s test (2/22/2020).
    Good luck on all your tests!

    part 1:
    camping related rental, fill blanks, fairly easy
    part 2: not found in memory
    part 3: not found in memory
    part 4: about dolphins, the multiple choice questions are a bit tricky.
    You have to review question 30 to 40 all at once.

    part 1: not found in memory
    part 2: company policy related to paid or unpaid leaves, TFNG
    last part: about wind and wind turbines, the heading questions have pretty standard difficulty.

    task 1: recommend your relative to the same company that you are about to start working at. yeh I know, sounds like a tough sell.
    task 2: having more international sports events may promote world peace. It’s a agree/disagree question.

    Speaking very standard questions. Just follow this website and you will be fine.That’s it guys, good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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