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    Hi, i did my IELTS speaking test (GT) today.
    I must say your site was very helpful. Keep the good work up. Below are the questions i was asked.

    PART 1
    Where are you from?
    Do you work?
    What do you do where you work?
    Why do you like your job?
    Do you like travelling?
    Tell me a nice place you have traveled to in your country.
    Would you want to do a job that will make you travel outside your country?
    Do you like perfume? Why?
    Have you ever given someone a bottle of perfume as a gift.
    Would you spend huge amount of money to buy perfume.

    PART 2.
    Discuss a period where you used the internet to solve a problem.
    Talk about the problem, how you used the internet to solve the problem, and how long does it take for the problem to be solved.

    PART 3.
    How has the use of internet increase communication among friends and families.
    Do you think it will get to a point whereby people will no longer do business face to face, rather they will make use of the internet.
    Do you think the use of internet is the best way for government to pass information to the public.
    What are other means government can use to pass information to the public without the use of internet.
    How does the use of internet affects reading of people.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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