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    I’m done with my ielts exam today but I have some confusion about speaking exam. I took the test and the examiner was not british, my examiner was an Indian lady. What really surprised me is that my test went for just 12 minutes and in part 3 she hardly let me complete my first long sentence and never gave me chance to give example or add something even though I started speaking really fast because she was asking questions like a rapid fire she asked me about 7 to 9 questions in part 3. I have a doubt that the indian examiner will mark my test with low band because I didn’t get chance to speak in part 3 even though I’m fluent, I understood every question very well and my answers were relevant.

    It was GT 28 December 2019

    part 1 Introductory questions about where I live, what I like about the place I currently live, any plans to move in future. That’s it
    Part 2 Describe your school where you went as a child.
    Part 3
    Do you think education in schools is teaching children to do well later on during their work life?
    Can you concentrate on work during noise?
    what do you do to make your work area relaxing?
    Can you do two different work at one time?
    What are the advantages of online learning?
    What are the disadvantages of online learning?
    will technology one day replace teachers?
    What can teachers do by using technology to make the class lessons interesting?

    I can’t recall but there were two more questions. She hardly let me complete my first sentence and kept on asking question after question pretty fast. This was quiet strange. To be honest mock tests on famous YouTube channels do not really show the real experience of speaking test. We are always advised to extend our answers but what if we don’t get the chance?

    Writing exam
    Task 1: you work in an international company. Write letter to the manager for allowing extra hours off during work time to attend family celebration.
    Task 2: Some people say that schoolchildren should learn how to grow food and cook with it in their lessons. What is your opinion about that?

    Thanks a lot!

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