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    IELTS Academic
    A dialogue between office insurance company representative and a businessman
    A lecture by the teacher on ants as food
    A teacher giving his analysis on submitted research by a female student, telling her about flaws in the research and what should she do to improve
    A female instructor telling about horse riding institute , their benefits, payment methods and map of the institute (cafe, office, etc).
    3 lengthy paragraphs, first one was about a female researcher teaching a parrot type bird to talk, second one was about sense of smell of human beings and wrong views about them, third one was about literacy issues in rural areas of australia.
    Task1: Two charts, one about primary, other about secondary school male female students percentage for the year 2008, classified based on developed, developing, underdeveloped countries and overall world percentage
    Task2: Some countries want to avoid using plastic shopping bags because it causes pollution in rivers etc, how much do you agree or disagree
    Where you live, how far is it from your hometown, from how long you are living there, what are the attractions nearby, do you like outdoor activities, what kind of ?
    Card: tell about the best picture of yourself, what was so nice about it, who took it, where
    some questions about photography further, difference between paper and digital photography, do you prefer camera in cell phones, do you think people now don’t enjoy tourism because they overuse photography available due to cell phone cameras

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