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    Academic IELTS
    Task 1: describe a process of producing electricity from coal
    (I couldn’t find the exact picture in the net, but the process was simplified, all objects were signed).
    Task 2: It is possible to live a full life without internet access. Give your opinion.
    1) History of buttons
    2) sorry cannot remember…(
    3) how people explore usefulness of soils measuring electromagnetic radiation from them
    1) Man is offered different types of job
    There were questions is he: Very interested, quite interested or not interested.
    2) Information about how the sport club works
    3) girls came to some fashion seminar
    4) lecture about the history of gold
    1) Where do you live now?
    Do you like your town? Is it an interesting place to live?
    Why do you live there?
    Do you have a part- or full-time job?
    What job you dreamed about as a child? Why?
    Do you like traveling? Would you like to travel more in future?
    Would you like to travel in space?
    2) Sportsperson that you admire
    What did he archived?
    3) What kind of sport are popular in your country?
    In what sports your country is strong?
    Some people force their kids to be champions, is that right?
    From what age parent should start notice sport talents in their child?
    What is better to practice team sport or individual? Why?
    Thank You

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