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    finally, i finished my IELTS speaking test
    October 11 2018
    part 1
    what do you do?
    what are the things you do at work?
    About plants, how to take care a plant,
    part 3
    cue card
    describe a recently magazine you have read.
    part 4
    difference between magazine and newspaper
    what will you write if you a chance to write a newspaper or magazine.
    what are the skills needed to become a good journalist
    I am very worried about my cue card because to be honest i really dont know anything about magazines so i just made a story on the spot but i know and i believe i did it right like i talk nonstop its just that my thoughts and ideas about magazine is just really shallow and its obvious that i dont know a thing about magazine. please give me advice am i going to have low score to my performance? because as i can see to the examiner’s face he is like ” what im talking about? ” .. i hope everything is going well..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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