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    I took an Computer based IELTS exam on 30th September.


    Part1 Where do you live? Is there any think that you don’t like where you live?

    part2 Have you ever had a situation when you stayed awake for the whole day.
    Why you stayed awake?
    How you kept your self to stay awake?

    when people work more they don’t have enough time to their social life?
    how do you think about this Social media has a pressure on us. What’s you opinion?

    Writing Part1
    You had a dinner with your friend’s family. Write a letter to you friend and express your fillings about the dinner.
    What did you like at the dinner ?
    How was his/her family ?
    Invite your friend and his family to you place.

    Nowadays people are working too hard . What is the reason for that?
    What should employers do in order to prevent employees from this?

    I wrote 350 words for letter and 470 for essay, however i got 6.5 from writing. My Overall score is 7. I m gonna retake it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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