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    Heyy All, I just had my speaking today
    Do you work or study?
    What us tje most fav. Part of your study?
    what are your Future plans?
    Languages related questions—
    What lang. Can you speak ?
    What languages do you know?
    When did you started learning English?
    Do you think english is easy or diggicult to learn?
    Jeans Realted ques.—
    How often you u wear jeans?
    Do people in your Country always wear jeans ?
    Do you like to buy Jeans?

    Talk about a leisure activity that you enjoyed with Family or Friends.

    Leisure time based questions:—
    What do you do in your leisure time.?
    which is the most favourite free time Activity that people in your Country like to do?
    What activities do Younger people like to do?
    What sort of activities do older people love to do?
    What do you see Library as Place for leisure time?
    Entertainment related questions:–
    What are the problems that Entertainer/Celebrities face.?
    What is the difference between Indoor and Outdoor live concerts?

    My examiner was a native american I really loved the way he spoke to me like a friend. In fact the mine and his reactions was same on some type words like Astondimg,Embaressing,Mesmerisig,Hill top and soo noo.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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