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    part 1: What is your name?
    What do you do now?
    Do you think to listen to music while work or play is a right thing?
    Tell me about dictionaries. Where do you prefer learning words?
    which one do you like the most? Online or hard copy?
    If someone presents you dictionary hardcopy how do you feel? Will you be happy or sad?
    Tell me about a tourist spot you like the most in your city or town.Do you like to go there with your friend?
    Where is it?
    What do you do there?
    When did you go there the first time?
    Part 3:
    Do you think going there in a large group or small group would be enjoyable?
    If you go as a small group it would help you know each other more comparing to a large group.What is your opinion?
    Being an expat joining a group of your national community or other country group is beneficial?
    How advantageous to join a group of your country?

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