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    Part 1


    Do you like the area that you live in

    What do you not like about the area

    Do people in your country drink tea or coffee why?

    Do you offer a visitor at your home tea or coffee?

    When was the last time you had tea or coffee why?

    Do you watch movies

    Who is your favorite actor

    Are english language movies popular in India

    Would you like to be a movie star

    Part 2

    Party that you attended

    Whom was it for

    Where was the party held

    What did you do at the party

    Part 3

    What are common occasions for a party in your country

    Which is the biggest Festival in your country

    What is the importance of festivals for a country

    Are festivals losing their importance


    Is this a good thing or bad thing

    How do people feel when they represent their country in international events

    Writing task 1

    Diagrams showing Existing and proposed development plans for an area

    Writing task 2

    Since ancient times, people have disagreed on the the elements of a perfect society.

    What are the important elements of a perfect society?

    What can people do to create a perfect society?

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