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    Exam date: 22.06.2017
    Module: General Training
    I had my speaking test today morning and below are the questioned I have remembered …
    Part one : -about house I live
    -future house I would like to live
    -about favorite pop star
    -would you like to meet a pop star for real
    -would you like to become a pop star
    -do you like going to live concert or listen to CD at home
    -about email
    -how often you use email
    -would you prefer telephone conversation or emailing better
    -benifits of conversations face to face or via internet
    Part two : Describe a person who you met recently that you don’t know and would like to meet in the future
    Describe who this person is
    What did you talk
    Why you want to meet that person again
    Part 3 : questions related to social media and future generation
    How the older generation adapts to social media
    Overall the speaking test was fine for me… hope for the better results…! looking forward to do the LRW tests on 24th June

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