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    Reported by one of our students.


    Hello Atul,
    Thank you for the information.
    I have completed my exam. Here are the questions I am sharing:
    In speaking-
    Do you work or student?
    What change do you think is needed in your workplace.
    Do you like pictures?
    Are there pictures in your home?
    What purpose they serve?
    Do you use sunglasses? Why? Would you buy someone a sunglass?

    Part 2:
    Describe a language you want to learn (except english)
    What is the language?
    How you plan to learn it?
    Why do you want to learn it.

    Part 3:
    English has become global language. What are the positives and negatives.

    The writing part 1 had a bar chart comparing the work hour per week of Australian men and women in 2017.

    Writing part 2: today foods need travelling tp far distance to consumers from where they are produced. Some people think that people should eat food from local farmers for the benefit of economy and environment. Do the advantage of this outweighs the disadvantage?

    Thank you Atul for your help regarding my writing. I could not revise the essay that's why not sure about it.
    Regarding the review of CD IELTS. I felt writing part is much more convenient in this mode. But error free and a moderate typing speed is an essential skill. Other parts were also better in cd ielts. But there may be some technological difficulties. Like my screen turned black during listening section and I could not ans 8 questions for not receiving the content. However, the exam authority considered the matter..and told that they will compensate it. 3 of us suffered from this issue and we deposited written complaints.
    So that was all. Lets hope for the best. Keep me in your prayers. And all the best wishes for your sincere efforts for the useful site.

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