IELTS Exam – Sydney – June 3 2017

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    I appeared in Speaking test on 2nd June 2017 .. and LRw on 3.7.2017questions asked
    Where do u live ?
    In which type of house do u live?
    Which type of house do u prefer why?
    Will you prefer to live in the same type of house in future ? Why ?
    Tell me something about politeness ? What is politeness..?
    Why should be people be polite ?
    How do people be polite?
    Who teaches people to be polite?
    Did you ate fruits in childhood ? Why ?
    Isit important to eat fruits ?
    Cue card : talk about a lesson u were taught.
    Who taught it ? Where and when?
    Did you enjoyed it ?
    How ?
    Followup questions : did other children enjoyed that lesson too?
    What important qualities should teacher possess? Why ?
    Is cramming important in studying why?
    How can computer can replace teachers ? Why ?
    What does computers doesnot have but teachers have? Why?
    What are the roles of emotions in learning ?
    Write a letter to a person who was using an unknown equipment during your visit to his company..
    1. Describe an equipment
    2. Write him How it can be useful to you.
    3. Ask some qestions related to that equipment
    Essay :
    Some believe that we should use money for mainly enjoying life.. while others belive we should use money to secure future discuss both the views and write your opinion

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