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    I had my exams yesterday (29th June 2019). The Listening, Reading & Writing went quite well. I think I got too nervous with speaking but spoke as well as I could. For Reading, it was actually a practice paper I had done before so that was a plus.
    Writing task 1 – A young person is going to start his first day at the office next month. So the question was to write a letter explaining what he will be doing on his first day in the office.
    Writing task 2 – Some people think media should be allowed to publicize information on someone’s private life. Some others believe that media should be regulated in this regard. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answers and relevant examples. – my advice here is to be very careful because at first I really misinterpreted the question to be about celebrities in particular but realised in the nick of time
    Speaking – Part 1 – general questions about myself, asked me to describe my house, what my favourite room is. Also asked me about street markets (are they popular in your country? Why do people like street markets? How do you feel about street markets? A place in your country you would like to visit. Why do you want to visit this place?)
    Speaking Part 2 – Talk about a famous person (who is not from your country) whom you would like to meet. My main mistake here was to try sticking to the cue card prompts and I really urge anyone reading this not to do it. It really distracts your flow and thinking. I’m a national speaker but I still got stuck here and there because of this. It is only later I realised that not all the prompts need to be talked of.
    Important thing to remember is – time flows very fast in LRW. So time management is crucial. Before speaking, it is super important to calm your nerves. That plays a big role in how you fare when the test starts. For writing, I highly recommend using a pencil because you can always erase what you write. Pen tends to get messy. Do alot of practice tests online. It really really helps. Especially for listening. Also guys, the online practice papers are about 5 notches higher in difficulty than the actual. It’s actually not tough if you prepare. I fretted listening and reading but honestly, writing and speaking were tougher. Practice speaking and writing as much as you can
    I will post my results too when I get it. Thank you!

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