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    Academic, Iran, Tehran. 30.6.2018
    Hi everyone

    Section 1: about walking tour or sth like this
    Section 2: four short multiple questions ( very easy) and six questions which are related to a map ( the map was corridor )
    Section 3: multiple questions again were easy
    Section 4: about cities

    Section 1: about different tribes with strange names such as xhole, fuemge, trimple etc. but don’t worry. You can find the answers very easily. Section 1 was easy in spite of its difficult names.
    Question 1- 6: T,F, N.G
    Other questions were sentences completion (no more than two words)
    Section 2: about marine life and other animals in New Zealandagain (again very easy specially headings!)
    Questions 14 – 19: matching heading A- H
    Qestions 20 – 23: three scientists opinions (list of ideas and matching these ideas)
    Qestions 24 – 26: Sentences completion
    Section 3: about dream (easy but time-consuming)
    Questions 27 – 30: Yes, No, N.G
    Qestions 31 – 35: multiple choice (a,b,c,d) questions were easy but time consuming
    Qestions 36 – 40: sentences completions (list of sentences and matching questions with answers)

    Task 1: a map about a bookshop in 2000 and its new plan at present
    Task 2:
    Young people are more interested in international films and pop stars but not on famous people in their country’s history.
    Why is it?
    What can be done to reduce this situation?
    Cause/Solution type of essay and the topic was sth like this

    Cue Card: building that yoy like

    I hope it would be helpful. Good luck everyone
    Thanks again

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