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    Part 1
    1. Where are you currently living? How far is it?
    2. Since how long are u living there?
    3. How is your community?
    Now let’s talk about internet and mobile phone…
    1. Do you use computers or mobile phones? How frequently do u use it?
    2. Do people back in your county use mobile phone? For what purpose do they use it?
    3. Is there any application which you do not have in your phone and would like to have it?
    4. Do you want to create any app?
    Part 2
    Describe any water body river/lake/pond known to you (or you have visited. Include the following
    – where is it?
    – what is the shape of this water body?
    – why do you think it is important?
    Part 3
    Let’s talk about rivers….(as I talked about lakes in part 2)
    1. What do u think, what type of employment can be generated with respect to rivers?
    2. Can u give me an advantage having rivers as the mode of transportation? Also a disadvantage.
    Let’s talk about oceans…
    3. What do think how are the oceans getting impacted due to the human activities?

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