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    I had my IELTS exams today in Texas,USA
    GT test.
    Listening test part 1 was a bit confusing as the answers sounded so similar.part 1 was about someone who wanted to rent apartment and was making enquiries about payment for home telephone and other services. part 2 was about travelling in a bus and things you will see on the route before getting to destination, last part was about a student and professor discussing about her courses.

    Reading part 1 was about T,F and NG, part 2 was matching heading, part 3 was passage about farmers and hunter-gathers of 1700bc which was a bit difficult.
    Writing part 1: Your company has just made uniforms for the employees. Write a letter to your Manager
    – telling him how you like the uniforms
    – but there is something that needs attention about it
    – and suggest solutions to him.

    Writing 2: In some countries, youths of Eighteen are allowed to do some adult responsibilities( drive cars, marry, vote). In other countries they do these when they are older. What age do you think right to take up adult responsibilities?

    what is your full name
    which country do you come from?
    where are you living now
    do you like your neighborhood? why
    how often do you listen to music?
    what kind of music do you like? why
    what are the types of Seasons do you have in your country?
    do you like Hot or cold weather? why
    do you like variations in weather or you prefer one weather all thru the year?
    part 2: Cue card
    Describe an equipment that you have that developed a fault
    what is the equipment
    what was the problem
    what did u do about it?
    part 3
    what equipment do we need in our day to day activities
    do you like repairing equipment or rather buy a new one
    how do you feel when people have equipment for every chore in the home
    what effects can these equipment have on our mental reasoning
    do you think equipment develop fault these days than before
    what causes equipment to get broke
    do you think manufacturers are responsible for equipment that got broke early
    I was a little bit nervous at the speaking test and didnt paraphrase some of the questions. Overall,i think it was fair. aimimg for bandscore 7, may God favor me.

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