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    Academic Test – Albania
    Tirana Test Center
    A conversation of a charity receptionist and a potential volunteer woman.
    A natural garden map
    A conversation between a marketing tutor and a student (multiple choice questions) part 3
    Flipchart on Rubber documentary
    A passage of animal eating behavior, precisely talking about brats.
    Main idea of A-F paragraphs
    Fill in the gap no more than one word
    True, false or not given
    A passage : evolution of human diet
    Fill the headings for each paragraph
    Fill in the gap no more than two words
    A passage of map invention – the person who invented the map Mac….
    – fill in the gap no more than two words
    – true, false or not given
    – which of these scientists has said… – a – b – c
    Task 1: two bar charts. Chart one showed the % of males and females to the total of students in a university between 1992 and 2012
    Chart 2: illustrated three most favorite subjects of students In one university, particularly biology, physics, computer science
    Describe the graphs and compare where relevant.
    Task 2: There is an increase in production of consumer goods and this is damaging the nature. Why is this happening? What could be done for this? Support your writing with personal evidence examples of your own.

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