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    IELTS Academic Test
    Albania Test Center, Tirana
    Speaking Test 18th of May 2018 ( I posted it some days before )
    Listening, Reading and Writing – 24th May 2018
    A conversation between a Charity Representative and a potential Volunteer woman (telephone call) 9 questions
    A natural garden map -> find the unnamed building A Education Center , B Italian Garden , C American Garden, D Chinese Garden etc, 6 questions
    A conversation between a tutor and a tutor about a marketing essay – Multiple Choice 15 Questions
    A flip chart of Rubber Documentary 10 questions
    1st passage of animal eating behavior : Rats in the main topic.
    Main Idea of A-E paragraphs 5questions
    Fill in the gap ( No more than one word) 5 questions
    2nd passage : Evolution of human diet
    Fill in the headings for each paragraph 6
    Fill in the gap no more than two words 4
    3d passage : Map invention – The person who invented the map Gerhard Mercator
    Fill in the gap no more than two words 9
    True of False, Not Given 8 questions
    Which of these scientists said …… a- b- c-
    Task 1: Two bar chart. Chart 1 showed the %of male and female to the total of students in a university between 1992 to 2012.
    Chart 2: Illustrate 3 most favorite subjects of students in one university; particularly biology, physics, computer science
    Describe the graphs and compare where relevant.
    Task 2: There is an increase in production of consumer goods and this has damaged the nature.
    Why is this happening? What could be done for this ?
    Support your answer with personal evidence examples of your own.
    Hope it is helpful…

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