IELTS Exam – Tokyo – June 18 2017

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    Date: 18th of June, 2017Location : Tokyo

    Section 1:
    •Do you work or study ?
    •What do you study about ?
    •What do you usually do after class ?
    About robot
    •Are you interested in robot ?
    •Did you watch robot animation when you were child ?
    •Do you think you can travel with robot driving car?
    About public trnsportation
    •Do you think people will use more public transportation than now in future ?
    •Is it easy to get your college by public transportation ?
    •Describe about what place do you like that is quiet
    •Where is it ?
    •Whan do you go there ?
    •Expalin about the place
    Section3 :
    •Are you comfortable with no back ground music or no noise situation ?
    •How important the quietness for all ages ?
    •Why do people study at cafeteria with background music rather than study at quiet place such as library ?
    •Why do shops or cafeteria play music ?
    •Is noise serious problem in the most of cities ?
    •Do you think government need to do something for city noise problem?
    That is questions I remember !

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