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    Hi All,

    I’ve compiled a list of high frequency topics that have been asked repeatedly in July so far. If you are preparing for the IELTS exam then make sure that you maximize your chances of scoring a BAND 7.

    Topic 1 – India, UK, Lebenon, Nigeria, Australia, Ireland
    Some people say that zoos should be banned for being cruel towards the animals while others say they should be continued for protecting rare animals. Discuss both your views and opinions.
    Topic 2 – India, Iraq, Germany
    Many people think that the road safety will improve when government will decrease the speed limit, other people think that there are better ways in improving road safety. Discuss both the views and give your opinion Also quote any example from your experience to support your view.
    Topic 3 – Canada, UK, Germany, Peru, USA
    People especially mothers very often decide to stay at home to look after their family instead of going to work. Do you think government should pay them the salary for it?

    General Writing Task 1

    Topic 1 – India, Germany
    You read a book and you think your friend will find it very useful. Write a letter to your friend, include below points in your letter.
    1. Write about the book
    2. Tell him why you feel that he will like the book
    3. Suggest him on how to get that book
    Topic 3 – India

    You recently lost your driving licence and someone sent it back to you. Write a letter to him/her stating -How important the licence is to you -Ask how he/ she found it -Say how you would love to thank you him/her

    What is your name?
    What can i call you?
    Where do you live?
    Can i see your passport?
    Part 1
    Q1-Do you live in an apartment or a house?
    Q2-What’s your favorite room?
    Q3-Why do you like it?
    Q4-Do you plan on changing your accommodation in future?
    Q5-When you go out, where do you like to go?
    Q6-Do you like to go out alone or with someone?
    Q7-When you go out in a group, do you like to go in a large or a small group?
    Q8- You like spending time with your friends or your family?
    Q9-How do you like to spend time with them?
    Q10-Which place would you like to explore in future?
    Part 2 – Cue Card
    Talk about a mathematics skill you learned in primary/elementary class.
    Part 3 – Followup question
    Q11- Do you like maths now?
    Q12- How can adults benefit from these skills?
    Q13-What can Government do to teach maths to adults?
    Q14-Which one is more important , mathematics or handwriting?
    Q15-Do you think computers will make learning maths less useful?
    Q16-You think computers will take over humans ever?

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