IELTS Exam – Toronto canada – August 1, 2017

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    i had my academic ielts on 29th july in Toronto canada
    part1 – conversation between a lady and Bank Employee
    part 2- Discussion of a proffesor about university faciliy and admission
    part3 – its about cave life of some kind of animals such as insects tortoise and bats
    part1- pottery history in Newziland
    part 2- space life of scientists
    part3- contemporary painting works
    part1 – diagram of parts and working of simple solar panel
    part2 – Some people think that hardwork and determination is the key to success and others think that money and personal appearence is also the factor of success. Discuss both views and give your opinion..
    part 1- about study household work and tv shows
    cue card – a caffee you visited
    part3 – about socialising people in home and restaurents
    Thanks your site was soo helpful.. Reading part was little tough for me.
    Thanks for your support

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