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    I had my speaking exam on 12 August 2018, in Toronto, Canada.
    Part1: she asked me about 4 different topics
    1. Where do live House or Apartment?
    2. Do you move to house in future?
    3. Which room you like the most?
    Now lets talk about some food?
    1. When you are child did u had many foriegn foods? and WHY?
    2.Did you think in future there will be more foriegn foods in your countrty?
    3. Did you recently had any foriegn food outside?
    Now lets talk about teachers?
    1. Do you have any favorite teacher?
    2. Do you think its easy to rember your childhood teacher names?

    Part2 – Cue card
    Talk about math lesson which u learned in Elementary school?
    Why you learned and how did you leanred
    and explain how you are using it now?

    Part3 –
    1. Do you think Maths is intresting subject?
    2. Do you think teachers can make Maths as intresting to children?
    3. Why Maths is intresting its just plain numbers?
    4.Do you think technology will replace humans in future?
    5. Do you think are computers are impacted on us wrongly?
    these are the few i remember?


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