IELTS Exam – Toronto Canada – June 4 2017

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    Dear Atul,I just finished my IELTS General Training test yesterday June 3rd at Toronto, Canada. Below are my test contents, hope they can help other candidates do a good job in their test. Actually, the IELTS is just a test, which can’t be a barrier for us making dreams true.
    1. Customer order
    A form should be filled with personal information, the reference number, items(plates, pump,baseball set,,),address, charge
    2.Stanly fitness centre
    Former address, membership, and map of the fitness centre
    3.Discussion about a essay and presentation of nurse training history
    4.Improvement for airport
    How to make passenger relax, flight information, the material, etc
    1.Camping site
    2.Paid leave
    3.Working regulations
    4.An Egyptian archeologist
    The reading part is easy. I finished in 40 mins.
    Task 1:
    You are going to go back to your home country, and there are some furnitures you want give to your friend. Write a letter to your friend, tell he/she what the furnitures are, describe them, why he/she like them, how could he/she pick them up.
    Task 2:
    Public celebrations (such as national day, festivals) are popular in many countries. But some people think government should spend money on more useful things. Do you agree or disagree?
    1. Talk about home country,mirror, robot,
    2.Cue card: An import event in history, when and where it happened, who attended, where did you hear it from
    3. Talk about important people in history, museum, the advantage and disadvantage in learn history
    Thankfully, I prepared all the topics before. I hope I will get a good score this time.
    Thank you again, Atul.

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